Our Story

Welcome new friends! We are Jayme and Sierra. We have been Friends for over a decade and haven’t missed a beat since the beginning. Being friends during some of our most transformative years as adults allowed us to ride the journey of self discovery together. Laughing has been the cornerstone of our friendship and being able to be lighthearted and find joy in all the craziness of growing through life has quite literally been medicine to us. 

We have found that periods were a major topic for us and really made us realize how difficult they can be on our mental health! That's when we really wanted to dive in to learn all about our periods. Embracing our moon cycle as a superpower, and still allowing the WTF’s all as part of the cycle process. 

There came a point when we really started to notice the effects of what we put in our body. Getting older and realizing we just don’t bounce back like we used to! Hangovers turned to multiple days instead of one. Bending down becomes a little harder on the knees and the drugstore soaps just didn’t cut it anymore. As part of that shift, we questioned what are we putting in our bodies every month? Is it affecting our moods? We wanted to take charge of how we felt everyday and that is when the free bleeding journey started!

Thanks for being here with us!

Love, Jayme and Sierra