What if we have a question or concern?
Our community is our main focus. Your happiness with our products is what matters most. Please contact us at contact@myfreemoon.com with any questions or concerns. Don't be surprised if you hear back from us as soon as one business day.

Will they smell bad?
Just make sure to properly wash them and I doubt we have to say it but like.. Don't wear them more than once without washing, ya know?

Should I wash them before I wear them?

How long can Free Moon Underwear be worn?
Truly depends on your flow. Our deepest intention is that you choose Free Moon Underwear however it serves you best. Our underwear are designed to absorb 3 or more ml. of fluid. (depending on the pair) We recommend on heavy days have a back up pair handy, and on lighter days you can comfortably wear your Free Moon Underwear all day.

How to wash our Free Moon Underwear?
Rinse in cold water first to avoid staining Throw in washing machine with like colors Tumble on low.

Why donโ€™t you have different absorbency?
We believe in EASY! At Free Moon we don't want you to have to play the guessing game! Our period underwear are super absorbent and super comfortable. You can be assured that your Free Moon will keep your shed and keep you dry. The average woman bleeds between 4-5 days and loses 3-5 tablespoons of blood during her cycle. One pair of our Free Moon Period
Underwear holds up to 3 tablespoons.

Does Free Moon contain PFAs?
While we source products that have no PFAs intentionally added into the manufacturing process, we are committed to seeking outside help to ensure that our product is as clean as possible.