54321 Morning Routine!

Nov 09, 2023Jayme Perkins

We have a 15 minute morning ritual for you to start your day right. Morning rituals that set the tone for a brighter day, YES PLEASE! 

5 Minute Meditation

Starting your day with mediation sets a peaceful and focused tone. It helps reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and enhances your ability to tackle the day with a clear mind. 

4 Minute Read

Morning reading rules your mind with knowledge and inspiration. It's a quiet moment of self-improvement that can lead to better decision-making and a clear start to the day. 

3 Minute Dance Party

A morning dance party moves stuck energy within the body! It boosts your mood, increases energy levels, and sets a positive, playful vibe for the day ahead. 

2 Minute Breath Work

Practicing breath work in the morning is like giving your body a burst of fresh air. It calms your nervous system, increases oxygen grounded and centered. If you aren't familiar with a breath work practices, start with a 4 count box technique! 

1 Minute Gratitude 

Expressing gratitude each morning cultivates a positive mindset. It shifts your focus towards the blessings in your life, making you more appreciative, resilient, and content. 

*Meditation to find inner peace
*Reading for endless inspiration
*Dance parties for pure joy
*Breath work to feel alive
*Gratitude to count our blessings 

This 15 minute morning practice sets you up with a clear mind ready for any day ahead. You got this babe! 

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